Sometimes known as the ‘Squat Thrust’, the Burpee is a full body exercise and began life as a quick simply way to carry out fitness tests. It has now been used in strength training and aerobic exercise for over 75 years. 
The burpee calls on almost every major muscle group, so every part of you is working hard to simply just do one rep. 
From standing, squat and place hands on the floor in front of you, just outside of feet. 
Jump both feet back so you’re in plank position. 
Jump feet back in toward hands. 
Explosively jump into the air, reaching arms straight overhead. 
We probably don't look forward to it. While we're doing, we definitely do not love it, but after we've finished, it's like, "So, that wasn’t too bad. I actually sort of feel pretty good.” And we’re happy to sign up for it all over again. 
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