Supporting our clients to achieve their own personal goals  

At Xercise Fitness, we believe in a ‘whole person’ approach to fitness and wellbeing. We love supporting our clients to achieve their own personal goals. 
We find that our clients enjoy the best results when we consider their body as a whole, joined up unit. Full body exercises ensure that you get a balanced, long-term benefit from your gym membership. 
Working on your whole body helps you to achieve a superior, integrated physique compared with addressing a single area; the net result has a balancing effect between all the major muscle groups. Over time, this will leave you toned and confident in your entire appearance. 
An added benefit? A lot of the exercises don’t need equipment, so exercises learnt in the gym can easily slot into your daily life! 
Here are three simple workouts that address all three major body areas: the legs, the core and the arms and shoulders. 

Click one of the sections below to get yourself moving! 

The Burpee 
Kettle Bell Swings 
Mountain Climbers 
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