Classes at Xercise Fitness Haxby  

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. With that in mind, we offer a range of fitness classes to suit you and your individual goals. 
All run by professional Fitness Trainers, our classes are a fun and motivating way to exercise with like-minded gym-goers. 
Our gym and studio classes are included as part of our Premium Membership options and are also available on a pay as you go basis by joining as a PAYG Class Member. 
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Members are able to participate in most classes in the Gym or Studio or via our private secure Zoom portal 
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PILATES Studio and online class  

Mat Pilates using the original 34 moves. 
Pilates helps with postural alignment, breathing techniques, core strength and all over body awareness. 

AB BLAST Studio and online class  

Combines cardio with abdominal exercises to burn fat whilst strengthening ab muscles, helping to really give shape and definition to the abdominal area. For up to 30 minutes, you'll crunch, plank and sit-up your way to washboard abs, constantly alternating between muscle groups to keep the body active. 

GROOVE-FIT Studio and online class  

Using our soft grip weighted bars, GROOVEFIT is a fantastic way to burn calories and an excellent way to burn calories whilst toning and shaping your body. 
GROOVE-FIT works all your major muscle groups, strengthens and tones your body. 
Ignite your metabolism and burn calories long after you finish your class. 

H.I.I.T. Studio and online class  

High Intensity Interval Training or H.I.I.T uses a selection of the best compound bodyweight exercises. They are sequenced together in short intense bursts and interspersed with lower intensity periods of recovery. 
Surely only really fit people can do a H.I.I.T session? 
We are all individuals and possess different strengths and abillities. The good news is that every exercise at Xercise Fitness Haxby can be adjusted by regression or progression to suit the participant’s fitness levels and experience. 
Your instructor will ensure you are working at an appropriate level. And, as you become fitter, the harder you can work out and the more calories you can torch! 


Weights Workout uses specialised weighted bars and small dumbbells to give additional resistance over standard bodyweight training. 
Gain strength without bulking. 
Improve base metabolic rate and burn more calories. 
Enhance mood and reduce stress. 
Weights Workout is the perfect class to tone and sculpt your body - one rep at a time. 

STRETCH & CORE Studio and online class  

Stretch & Core your way to a more flexible and toned body. 
Progressively stretches your major muscle groups while ensuring core engagement. Tone your abs, glutes, legs and arms. 
Benefits of this class include improved circulation, reduced muscle tension and increased flexibility. 
Love your body – it will love you back. 

LEGS-BUMS-TUMS Studio and online class  

Tone, Tighten and Firm with the ultimate lower body workout. 
With a maximum class size of 8 Legs-Bums-Tums feels like your own private studio workout. 
Legs-Bums-Tums targets those stubborn areas using your own body weight, join us – feel the burn and - feel those results. 

CIRCUITS Studio and online class  

Circuits style class with individual stations, no sharing of equipment. 
A high energy, intense workout, designed for the determined goal setters. You can workout at your own personal level, but naturally, people tend to give a little bit more in these motivational group workouts. 
We combine exciting, challenging, and dynamic exercises to ensure every part of the body is worked. When we add our passion, enthusiasm and commitment to the session, you get an incredible “fat attack” that will get results - the like of which you've never before seen. 
Turn up, work hard, and it will happen. 

AEROBICS Studio and online class  

Aerobics combines rhythmic aerobic exercise with stretching and strength training routines. Improves all elements of fitness, flexibility, muscular strength, and cardio-vascular fitness. 
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