Diagnose – Treat – Rehabilitate – Prevent

Sports massage therapy or soft tissue therapy has so many benefits for everybody, not just those involved in sport. Whether it is to ease the stiff muscles of an office worker or prevent injury in a hardened athlete. We use a variety of soft tissue techniques to get you moving or keep you moving!

Clinic times May – June

Thursday 18th May   7 – 2pm
Tuesday   23rd May  1 – 5pm
Thursday    1st June 4 – 9pm
Thursday    8th June 7 – 2pm
Tuesday   13th June 4 – 9pm
Thursday 22nd June 7 – 2pm
Tuesday   27th June 4 – 9pm

What happens at my appointment?
We will start with a verbal consultation to discuss any relevant medical history and to talk through your current lifestyle and any injuries you have. Following this you may need to get changed, you’re advised to wear loose fitting clothing so that the area being treated is easily accessible.
Prior to treatment, we will complete a postural analysis to see how you are moving. The treatment itself will last around 45 minutes and include a range of soft tissue techniques, some of these may feel uncomfortable.

You may also be given remedial exercises to complete.

You should aim to arrive 5-10 minutes early for your first treatment as you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire


Assessment & Treatment one hour appointment     £ 40.00*

Block of six one hour appointments                           £200.00

* Discount available for Xercise Fitness Members