do you make sacrifices


I am a devout Olympic fan. Every four years I have to get as much of it as I can. I love all the tear of joy or pain, and I am fascinated by the individual stories of how they got there. But……… (you should read my article on HOW BIG IS YOUR BUT)

BUT!!! Is it just me, or has any one else picked up on Mo Farrah’s whining about how many sacrifices he makes!!

“You have no idea how hard I have to work for this”

“I do all this for my kids” and “It breaks my heart to be away from them”

“No one knows how many sacrifices I have to make”.

Yeah we get it Mo. You are an exceptional runner, but come on…. It takes an extremely selfish person to push forward in life to achieve such greatness. I can’t help contrast Mo’s constant bleating with the inspirational words of the Captain of the Great Britain’s ladies hockey team. Here is what she said:

CLARE BALDING: “So tell me, how do you make all those sacrifices over the years to get to here? …KATE WALSH “are you kidding. I love my sport and the work I put in. I don’t make ANY sacrifices, I just make life style choices”!.

Wow, what a great and positive mind set hey. I really liked her attitude and how she inspired the whole team. Quite a lady I think. Here is what I take from both their attitudes:

Yes, you have to be a little selfish like Mo to achieve your goals and dreams ..HOWEVER, If you CHOOSE to make the changes, and you CHOOSE to work hard rather than feeling you HAVE to, then results will happen sooner than you think and be more sustainable.

I heard a great quote the other day from someone I admire greatly:

“If you want to change your BEHAVIOUR…… first you must change your BELIEF as to what is possible”……………………

So come on Mo, I love your running and cheered like mad for you, but PLEASE change the interviews.

Check the little chart I have created below as a way of encouraging you to think a little differently, or at least challenge yourself, and remember:


Quote from Nige Davies on the kick ass tour 2016



SACRIFICES                                                                LIFESTYLE CHOICES


Right, that’s it, starting from Monday I am cutting out ALL this bloody chocolate


Ok, I am making a choice right now, today, to start eating nice healthy treats

I just don’t have the time to exercise or do any activities, so what’s the point


I am busy, but  if I spent less time on Faceache and Social Mania I could fit in loads of great exercise and activities

Leave me alone, I can’t start anything until I get my head around it.


What’s the big deal, I am only going to be making gentle changes, so I know I will be able to keep it up and will soon see results

I can’t throw away the scales, I just HAVE to weigh myself everyday to keep on track.


I admit the scales hurt me if I don’t see results. So goodbye scales. When my clothes get loose I know  I am losing fat, end of

It’s ok for you, you can eat what you want and it makes no difference


I am going to look at my lifestyle and make the necessary changes to get the shape I want.  Just need to make those adjustments

I am going to finish everything nice in the freezer before I start this diet. Don’t want to waste money


I am choosing to start today because I know I am only making lifestyle adjustments. I am not punishing myself and am allowed to enjoy food


I will train so hard it will just drop of me. I can train everyday if I have to , just you watch me go



I understand I am not a natural trainer, so I will ease into my new regime and just do 3 sessions  a week and learn to enjoy it


I know it will take lots of sacrifices for me to achieve this, but I am determined to give it all up


If something is not good for me, surely it’s not a sacrifice. Why wouldn’t I want to at least cut down on what is causing me such heartache.


My final thought: (ha, you thought I had finished)

It has always felt to me that a SACRIFICE suggests a sort of punishment, an almost underlying desire to deny ourselves pleasure. Where a LIFESTYLE CHOICE suggests a degree of achievable control, and a confident grasp of what will serve us well. Hmm, just a thought. Take care till next time….

Nige Davies