10am Monday

7 pm Tuesday

1.15pm Wednesday

Boxercise is for everyone:

Whatever your size, shape or sex. Classes take a variety of formats but a typical class may involve shadow-boxing, skipping, hitting pads, press-ups, shuttle-runs and sit-ups. Our boxercise classes are aimed at all ages and fitness standards.

As no class involves the physical hitting of an opponent, it is a fun, challenging and safe workout.


8am & 9am Every Saturday

7am Tuesday, Thursday and Friday


What is Metafit?

Metafit is non-choreographed, it's not a dance or aerobics class. It uses a selection of tried and tested bodyweight exercises

Do I need to be really fit to do a Metafit session?

The beauty of this workout is that the exercises performed in each session can be regressed or progressed to suit all fitness levels and abilities. Everyone is different and has their own strengths and weaknesses – you work to your maximum, whatever that is and I will ensure you are doing the exercise at a level that is appropriate for you. And, best of all, the fitter you get, the harder you can work out.


Freestyle Fitness Yoga

7am & 10am Wednesday

8.30am & 9.30am  Saturday


Freestyle Fitness Yoga (FFY) is a contemporary approach to yoga that mixes traditional yoga postures, stretches and balances with fitness principles. Whereas traditional yoga tends to combine both the physical and spiritual experience, in Freestyle Fitness Yoga we concentrate on the physical aspect, using yoga postures that endorse strength, stability and increase flexibility.

Freestyle Fitness Yoga is designed to get the very best out of everyone, including complete beginners and display a constant change in performance. We use a synchronisation of movement, breathing and focus and you should expect to see an improvement in your flexibility and strength within 8 weeks. You will learn how to move through the postures more effectively and efficiently, improving your posture, self awareness and confidence. Sessions conclude with a short period of relaxation and meditation, allowing you to find an equilibrium state in body and mind.


8am Every Sunday
A high energy, intense workout, designed for the determined goal setters. You are able to workout at your own personal level, but naturally, people tend to give a little bit more in these fantastic workouts.

We combine exciting, challenging, and dynamic exercises to ensure every part of the body is worked. When we add our passion, enthusiasm and commitment to the session, you get an incredible “fat attack” that will get results like never before.

Turn up, work hard, and it will happen. 

Keep Fit Gold

1.30-2.30pm Every Monday

2.30-3.30pm Every Tuesday 

The class is light aerobic exercise involving, bending , stretching, reaching followed by resistance work using bands and balls and other light gym equipment.
This is a class for older people . We have participants from the age of 50 up to age 87...

We review to help achieve the new YOU!!

Programme Reviews

The gym team are always available to help you achieve your goals, so make sure you take full advantage of your reviews.

This is an opportunity to change your programme and review your goals and targets. Make sure you book in for your review and utilise this great boost to your training. It is vital to challenge yourself periodically, and this facility is fast disappearing from the large health clubs in York. Not us though!

One to One Instruction

One to One instruction is available at no charge to Xercise Fitness members with any of our Personal Trainers. Simply ask for more information about the benefits of these extremely focused and effective sessions.

Group Excercise

Xercise Fitness members can book group classes at no additional cost with any of our trainers.
Put the fun back into training and train with your personal friends.
You will be amazed how much you will get out of these sessions.

Technique Reviews

Designed for members looking to check their technique and perhaps learn new and exciting exercises to add to their programme. They are usually held on an afternoon when the gym tends to be a little more quite.
Ideal for members who maybe look at other members doing strange exercises and wonder what they are for.
We will always be on hand to help you at any time, but for a more intense look at your technique, join in one of the friendly, informative technique workshops.