positive attitude


Many years ago I was asked to carry out a SWAT analysis on a local company called MITREFINCH. I interviewed every member of staff in private and my closing question to each person was: “Are you a positive or negative person”. The reply of one man has made me chuckle many times over the years………

“I am POSITIVE that I am a NEGATIVE person!”…..

That man had great self awareness. How many of us ever stop and think about our own attitudes. Do we ever consider if our attitudes are sometimes holding us back or affecting people we love or work with?

ATTITUDE: The word means – A manner or thinking, feeling or behaviour that reflects our state of mind or disposition.

Attitude affects our choice of action, and responses to challenges, incentives and rewards (collectively called stimuli). The 3 major components of attitude are:

1. Affective: This relates to emotions or feelings that are brought to the surface as fear or hate or love. Using our example, someone might say “I hate teenagers because they are lazy” or “I love babies because they are cute”

2. Cognitive: This represents our thoughts, beliefs and ideas about something: These typically come to light in generalities or stereotypes such as: “all teenagers are lazy” or “all babies are cute”.

3. Conative: This is the action or behaviour component and centres on how a person responds or act. Again, in our example a person might say “We better keep those lazy teenagers out of the library” or “I cannot wait to hug that cute baby”.
The word ATTITUDE is so often used in a negative format. Here is some thing which amazed me when I first discovered it!, and I have used it to motivate many sales teams since.

It you take the word ATTITUDE and give each letter its numerical value in the alphabet, it creates an inspiring response.

So for example, A will be 1 in the alphabet. B would be 2. C would be 3, so on and so forth.
Once you have given each letter its numerical value, just simply add up the total……
It’s a great exercise, especially if you have a great attitude already. If you don’t GET IT, perhaps you need to check out your attitude……. It could be affecting you more than you realised!
“ATTITUDE” and its numerical value in the alphabet…………………….
A – 1
T – 20
T – 20
I – 9
T – 20
U – 21
D – 4
E – 5

All you do now is add the % sign and what do you have………..

100% ……. So for me, a great ATTITUDE is about giving 100% every day.
In all that you do, try and have a great attitude. If life is not going your way, perhaps it is time to take an honest look at your own attitude. You may be very surprised indeed.

Until next time

Take care and smile, be kind, be energetic and “JUST DO IT”
Nige Davies