It’s time for me to rant and rave again!

I get so frustrated at how TV reports and programmes are presented.

Still, even with all the evidence I see around me every day, I see and hear people repeating what they may have heard on TV or read in an article. The following list represents just some of the things I see and hear every day:

  • “I have lost 5lbs this week, I am so pleased with this diet!”
  • “I have only lost 1lb this week, this is not working for me!”
  • “Well, I mean it this time, my diet starts on Monday, nothing will stop me”
  • “I am following Mickey Mouse’s diet cause he lost 3 stone in 3 days!”
  • “They said on TV that exercise is not the best way to lose weight!”
  • “I think it’s amazing how much they lose on Britain’s biggest loser!”

I could keep going with lots more examples, and yes the Mickey Mouse reference was a little joke, but not too far from the truth. So what is my point!………………………………….

If you become more active, eat more sensibly, drink less alcohol, train a little harder and get to bed earlier: guess what happens? YES! you lose some stored body fat, get fitter, get healthier and feel happier.

It’s all about changing your attitude to life and what you want from it. It’s not about making an all-out attack on losing weight quickly. This approach will end in tears because the focus is on losing weight. This focus leads to fad diets, unrealistic training targets, and it certainly leads to people setting themselves up to fail.

Most people who are in shape, eat sensibly and have a good lifestyle don’t tend to obsess about it. Its their lifestyle. It’s their habit. It’s simply what they do. It’s the mindset that they are in, and the choices that they make on a daily basis serve them well.

So I get so frustrated when so many of these programmes focus on weight loss, or weekly weight ins, or whether you should cut out fats, or less carbs or train hard, or early or late. It drives me mad, and just leads to more obsessive thoughts around fat loss.

The solution is take a step back and think about changing your whole approach and attitude to lifestyle management. Here are my top tips to help you rationalize a lifestyle that will become your way of life, your habit, without the constant search to lose weight.


  1. Make small, achievable adjustments to your lifestyle to make it easy. (This takes a little longer for results but is achievable and sustainable. Keep your choices consistent and resist using the scales, it leads to obsessive thinking)
  2. Choose from food you actually like! Resist diets that lose weight quickly (they don’t taste nice, are not sustainable, lead to unhealthy side effects, and ultimately lead back to where you started: overweight and miserable!)
  3. Increase activity as well as exercise! (Some people think training is the secret, but then sit around all day! Clean the house more energetically, walk the dog faster and further, take the stairs faster, walk instead of drive, anything that ups your activity level. This is a mindset challenge, but do things with more energy and positivity )
  4. Only train 3 times a week. (People who are not used to training think all of a sudden they can train 5 or 6 day a week. It’s not sustainable. It’s hard enough to find time to do 3 sessions a week, so trust me, just do 3 a week, but make sure you get them in somehow)
  5. If you cannot train, do something else to compensate. (a brisk power walk, or a quick home session using the stairs and dong some quick press ups, sit ups in between going up and down the stairs. This works and serve you well if genuinely can’t make your session)


These 5 tips will serve you well on your journey. The best tip I can give though, is to talk to Jo, Lucy, John and Beth. They will support, motivate and guide you to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

The 12 Week Plan helps you achieve a healthy sustainable lifestyle, so make sure you talk to the team and get onto your 12 Week Plan. It really is the way forward.

Good luck in all that you do

Nige Davies